Month: April 2019

Thank You!

Thank You!

2019 started with a vengeance and we are looking at a different yet still very active real estate market. One should never forget to look back though and reflect on last year. Often I get lovely reviews from past clients but there is no way I can ever write a review for them. So here is a big THANK YOU to the 63 parties I was honored to help buy and sell in 2018!

Clients and brokers who think alike find each other somehow, it is rather rare that during a transaction it turns out that this was really not a great fit. In the absolute majority of the cases it is a warm, humorous, steady and enduring relationship that does not really end after closing. Lots of my clients still call even after years and I strongly encourage them to always do that if they feel I can even remotely contribute to solving a problem.

It is the cards when a baby is born, somebody gets married, the Christmas letters that update on the happenings of the past year and photos of the growing families that make this work so worthwhile. It is the personal relationships, the funny quick text when something reminds us of each other, the hug when running into each other in the grocery store.

Dealing with someone in real estate is so personal that it shows you the true person, the integrity, the ethics, the character and the way somebody behaves under stress. It shows you if somebody always tries to find a way to squeeze out more to the other side’s clear disadvantage or if it is more important to find consensus and “good karma”. It shows you the good, bad and ugly in people. Fortunately the absolute majority of my clients are great people, many of whom I call friends now and care for deeply.

So to all those wonderful people I met and continued to serve in 2018, THANK YOU! for choosing to work with me, for coming back to me, for trusting and following my advice, for staying in touch, for sharing laughter and solving problems together. There is nothing I rather do than do it again and again with you.